Workforce agent

3 minute read

Consider this as part 3 of the “Sequential Planner” series: part 1, part 2.

Sequential planner flaws

1 minute read

Disclaimer #1: The insights shared in this article are based on experiments conducted with Semantic Kernel (version < 1.0). While Langchain exhibits si...

SQL DB is not ‘the only thing you need’

3 minute read

Introduction After facing some legacy systems lately and complains ‘sql db is bottleneck’ and ‘we have huge sql cluster’, usually accompanying with something...

Digital Twins: Implementation

2 minute read

Digital twins: implementation Let us dive deeper into Digital Twins implementation. The way I see 3 big classes of Digital Twins is described here. First, w...

Export costs from Azure

2 minute read

Suppose your organization uses more than one cloud provider - Azure, AWS and Atlassian for different functions. Financial department desperately needs more a...

Datapipes: release management

1 minute read

Application company regularly buys some data and automatically process it using NER SoTA reports are being send to clients as Excel documents

Know your rules

1 minute read

Two-stage ‘expenses approval’ is used as example to show how and why rules engine can be used with BPMS. Process’s dynamics is complete fake and used only fo...

K2 multitenant SaaS

2 minute read

This is simplified use case of real project. Goak was to integrate several popular enterprise multi-tenant systems and put some business processes on top of ...

Good Old App

2 minute read

Note: Article is more about tech side of changes not people.

K2 for blockchain

less than 1 minute read

Azure Blockchain Workbench (BaaS) seamlessly integrates with K2