It make sense to classify all variety of Digital Twins.

3 types of digital twins

3 classes of Digital Twins in IIoT

  • devices and sensors
  • real world objects and processes
  • complex systems

Devices and sensors

Base level Digital Twins – devices and sensors. Main problems to solve – provisioning, configuration management and data collection.

Objects and processes

IIoT solution value goes up if you can process data from these sensors properly and build Digital Twin of real world object or process. Key moments here are real-time data processing including mathematical modeling and ML. Main problems - data inaccuracy and incompleteness and keeping SLA for “real-time”.


Top level belongs to Digital Twin of complex system with many “sources of truth” and different level of “real-time” which may lead to building several Digital Twins for hot/warm paths. #iot #iiot #digitaltwin