• company regularly buys some data and automatically process it using NER SoTA
  • reports are being send to clients as Excel documents

initial app

Since company is an early stage startup - this is very normal to concentrate on M(!)VP thus both functionality and architecture of App need to evolve a little.


  • NER algorithm is constantly updating => versions of processed data
  • more delivery options required - API, dashboards


Approach to deal with situation like this was inspired by Delta architecture

  • bronze-silver-gold data
  • write-ahead-log and transaction approach for data batches processing

datapipe and release

Data release management

More restrictions to data pipeline are required for it to be ‘consistent’ - only once all suppliers provide data for a certain period it (of cause processed) can be made available for client.

  • when new data is downloaded from Data Provider, we check if data period of it is already in releases. If not - new release is created.
  • when new NER model is available - new release is created
  • data release can be approved and published only if
    • all data for a period is received from data providers
    • all data is successfully processed with NER model of specific version
    • no data anomalies in enriched data (data quality)

release diagram

New role of ‘data release manager’ is presented

  • quality assurance
  • approve and release new data
  • remove old releases

NER model flow and infrastructure

  • moving from manual process into something more formalized like MLFlow.
  • accessors (human experts) are main part of this process - they deserve their designated Workspace
  • easy scalable serverless architecture to process new data or apply new model version quickly


Delta lake approach can be used even for ‘small data’ to provide more control over data served to client.