Azure Blockchain Workbench (BaaS) seamlessly integrates with K2. This allows extending smart-contracts functionality with company’s internal processes and policies. Slideshare: K2 and Blockchain

K2 and Blockchain

Solution components

Azure Blockchain Workbench

  • Easy start
  • Connect to existing workflows and apps
  • Coordinate with relevant tools
  • Fully managed enterprise ledgers

Azure Blockchain Workbench

K2: low-code digital process automation

  • Visual no-code workflow engine
  • Smart Forms for rapid app development
  • Smart Objects for integration with LOB systems


Lambda-k framework

Quick development and one-click testing of K2 Dynamic Service Brokers

  • Test service broker functionality without K2 environment
  • No need access to server for DevOps
  • Monitor solution using full power of FaaS platform
  • Scalability and availability [internal project]

Solution architecture

K2 for blockchain solution architecture

  • Smart contract can be initiated as result of K2 WF.
  • K2 WF can be started after contract reaches certain state
  • Smart Object for Azure BaaS API
  • Monitoring Workspace using Smart Forms