Solution Architect, CTO, and Consultant with over 15 years of expertise spanning both established enterprises and burgeoning international startups. If you require assistance or simply wish to engage in a stimulating discussion on any relevant topics, feel free to reach out to me on Telegram.


I’ve spearheaded numerous projects in this domain, including:

  • Real-time positioning of locomotives using video stream analytics.
  • Indoor real-time personnel tracking leveraging UWB and BLE technologies.
  • Extracting requirements from documents and assessing their quality utilizing LLM techniques.
  • Developing autonomous workforce agents through LLM.

Legacy Solution Due Diligence and Transformation

My services in this arena encompass:

  • Comprehensive code and architectural reviews.
  • Refining development, QA, and deployment workflows.
  • Streamlining infrastructural services, optimizing legacy solutions, and facilitating their seamless transition to the cloud or K8S platforms.

For deeper insights, explore these posts: Legacy Application Challenges and Exploring Databases Beyond SQL.

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)

Whether you’re in the midst of a digital transformation journey or curious about the potential of modern IIoT in your operations:

  • I can architect your IIoT project, outlining an implementation path that minimizes risks.
  • Enhance your data pipeline, be it on-premise or cloud-based.
  • And once you’ve mastered data streaming, I’ll guide you in harnessing the power of Digital Twins.

Discover more on my dedicated Digital Twins page.

Startup, R&D: From Concept to Reality

Navigating the startup landscape? I can assist in:

  • Identifying the applicability of cutting-edge AI and ML technologies in your business niche.
  • Providing budgetary and timeline estimates for prototyping and MVP development.
  • Assembling a proficient team or guiding you through the outsourcing process for app development.