Implemeting AI in enterprise can be tricky and it’s not about tuning ML-model or implementing ML Flow.

ML Flow

After consulting second startup that extensively use ML to process some data/documents I realized that some framework is required to formalize ML related processes within company. In addition, this framework has almost nothing to do with post’s image. This image is usually used to show that there are many things in ML project, not only ML Code. Time to move on and produce some easy to understand diagram that shows that there are more to AI-fist App than this ML stuff. Business processes areas to consider when building AI-first App

  • Knowledge use / ML Execution - main business process that receives some request or info and process it with ML models (main data-pipe)
  • Knowledge management – datascientist’s area (almost everything that is on post’s image)
  • Knowledge extraction – any process you use to either really extract knowledge in the form of rules / heuristics, label some raw data or control result quality

Since we are talking about business processes => BPMS to the rescue! Some useful info to start with

Google announced AI first several years ago. Since then AI first strategy is popular in enterprise world. Can we formulate AI first approach for software solutions? AI first App = ML driven Actor + Human in the Loop

  • ML - definitely need some ML
  • Actor - means App drives interaction (being pro-active)
  • HIL – somewhere outside of main app-flow there should be human expert interaction Looks a little bit like Reinforcement Learning, but it’s not :D

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